UMA Motorcoach EXPO Awards

UMA Vision Awards

The UMA Vision Awards give vendors the opportunity to recognize customers for their excellent work on behalf of the entire industry and gives motorcoach operators the opportunity to recognize their peers for their excellence. Nominees are operators who:

  • Engage in sound business practices
  • Have an excellent safety record
  • Regularly employ innovative marketing, operations, and customer service approaches
  • Are a good corporate citizen within the community
  • Raise the standards for all motorcoach companies
  • Raise the profile of the entire motorcoach industry
  • Are financially sound

Each year at the annual UMA Awards Banquet held at the Annual UMA Motorcoach EXPO, we recognize outstanding motorcoach operators by presenting them the Vision Award. There are two categories for nominations — large (15 coaches or more) and small (less than 15 coaches).

UMA Environmental Leadership Award sponsored by MCI

The Environmental  was created to promote the motorcoach and its application as a viable solution to the reduction of carbon emissions and to encourage industry leadership with a positive impact on our environment. The award is presented to the motorcoach operator who demonstrates the greatest commitment to “environmental leadership” in the areas of internal corporate initiative, external corporate stewardship or community and industry-wide green leadership.

The award is based on three aspects of a company’s operation – Administrative, Maintenance & Equipment, and Facility.

To submit a nomination please complete and return this nomination form.

UMA Safety Leader Award

Each year, we honor a person who has demonstrated leadership in the motorcoach safety field. The Safety Leader award is given to an individual who:

  • Has been involved in the industry for the last five years
  • Who has been active in the industry initiatives and organizations
  • Who has also been active in non-industry activities
  • Has demonstrated achievements for his or her company and/or the industry

UMA Maintenance Competition Winners

The Maintenance Competition, held in conjunction with the Maintenance Interchange is for those who wish to test their technical knowledge and skills against the clock and their peers. The competition is comprised of a written test and a diagnostic test.

UMA International Driver Competition Winners

The UMA motrocoach driver competition is held each year at UMA’s annual Motorcoach EXPO and brings together the top drivers for a written test and a behind the wheel competition that has become a highlight of EXPO.