2022 UMA Safety Management Seminar

Virtual Event


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Now in its 18th year, the 2022 UMA Safety Management Seminar brings fresh perspectives and information to those individuals responsible for safety and compliance. Owners, managers, dispatchers, and senior drivers gains insight in keeping passengers safe. The three-day virtual event allows up to five participants from your staff to participate in presentations and discussions that will help you stay compliant with regulations and mitigate risks. The following sessions were included:


The North American Fatigue Management Program

Formed by three teams of medical and sleep scientists from Canada and the United States that did the research on the development of the program and testing its efficacy, to ensure a fully comprehensive approach to fatigue mitigation. The holistic approach is viable for every company to implement.

Presenter: Rodolfo Giacoman, Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance


Driver Training: Managing a Crash Scene

The crash happened. The steps your driver takes now is critical regarding claim development, settlements and perhaps your future viability as a company. This session discusses how to prepare your driver in the event a crash occurs and what the back office should be doing post crash.

Presenter: Bob Crescenzo, Lancer Insurance Company


Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse Requirements

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration implemented the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse on January 1, 2020. By mid-March the pandemic shut the industry down and many companies did not fully implement the requirements. This session reveals the requirements, how to avoid fines, make corrections, and use it effectively to assure your workplace remains drug free.  

Presenter: Stacy Johnson, Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration


Emerging Safety Technology

The Virginia Technology Institute’s Center for Vehicle Systems and Safety (CVeSS) was established in 2004. The Center features the Advanced Vehicle Dynamics Laboratory where cutting edge technology is developed, refined and tested. This session presents the facts regarding emerging technologies such as driver assist and autonomous vehicles. Real insight from academia.                            

Presenter: Matt Camden, Virginia Tech University


Psychology of Distracted Driving

Why Do We Drive Distracted? This important session will discuss: 1) the risk of distracted driving; 2) why distracted driving is increasing; 3) an overview of key studies showing the dangers of distracted driving; 4) a clear walk-through of the driver’s brain with compelling demonstrations to debunk the “myth of multitasking”; 5) current attitudes toward distracted driving and solutions to improve safety

Presenter: Dr. Paul Atchley, Ph. D, University of South Florida


Training the Over-the-Road Driver

The driver you just hired is ‘qualified” by FMCSA standards and experienced, but does he meet the standard your company desires – or does he/she bring old habits. It’s best to make sure they are trained your way and that requires time in a coach with a driver. This session discusses effective methods and standards that better assure a successful hire.

Presenter: Matt Dance and Tim Boston


Driver Management

With drivers in short supply, managing this important resource is more important now than ever. This session features a panel of experienced veterans offering their successes and failures when it comes to managing drivers.

Moderator: Mike McDonal 


Staying Prepared for the “New” Compliance Review

Today’s compliance review is time and labor intensive and the effect on your operation can be disruptive. Are there ways you can be better prepared to minimize those disruptions and stay focused on your business? This session features important tips for maintaining records and being better prepared for the inevitable FMCSA compliance review.       

Presenter:  Danielle Smith, Federal Motor carrier Safety Administration 


How to Manage Claims

“Sure, we report the claim to the insurance company, and they take it from there. In the interest of your business, is there things you can and should do to assure the claim is resolved to your satisfaction. You betcha! This session provides steps and procedures that will pay “dividends” through decreased paid claims.”

Speaker: Theresa Bratton


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