UMA Purpose

Protecting and promoting the motorcoach industry

The purpose of this Association is to protect and promote the interests and welfare of privately owned common carriers of passengers by motorcoach which shall include:

  1. Assistance in promoting beneficial and remedial legislation which is deemed necessary and essential for the advancement and protection of its members.
  2. Assistance to members in obtaining uniform, just and proper rules and regulations promulgated by regulatory bodies governing the bus and coach industry.
  3. Assistance to members in whatever way possible to maintain a healthy economic posture in order to insure the maintenance for the public of freedom of choice in selecting appropriate and adequate ground passenger transportation services in all parts of North America.
  4. Representation of member carriers in regulatory and legislative issues affecting the industry provided, however, that the Association shall not participate in any adversary proceeding wherein a dispute exists between any of its constituent members, unless the proceeding affects the membership as a whole, or a recognized segment of the membership.
  5. Promotion of friendly relations with and securing the cooperation and goodwill of the public.
  6. Establishment of liaison between bus and coach owners and equipment manufacturers or suppliers for the purpose of specification, or commentary on design and engineering of equipment to be used by bus and coach owners.
  7. The exchange of administrative, operative and technical information among bus and coach owners to promote maximum efficiency of each member’s operation.
  8. Mutual aid among members to render assistance to a member needing emergency mechanical, advisory or operational assistance.
  9. Such other objectives or purposes which may from time to time be beneficial to the interest of the members.
  10. The taking of whatever action indicated that would tend to promote the safety, convenience and betterment of the motorcoach/bus transportation business of members and their passengers, and to do whatever possible to serve the interest and welfare of members of the association and the riding public at large.