Alexandria, Va. – August 4, 2022 –

At its meeting this week, the UMA Board spent a lot of time talking about what our values are as an association. 

The Board noted that UMA’s unique culture has a long history of looking out for the underdog, new entrants, small fleet operators, and supporting free enterprise and fair and open competition. Our members seek ways to help each other and work together.

We have always practiced inclusion and wanted to officially recognize its importance in the core values of UMA.

UMA welcomes all bus and motorcoach operators and the vendors and travel partners that work with them as members of the association. We represent charter operators who transport students, senior citizens, religious groups, athletic participants and fans, military members, and many other types of clients and we want all of them to be included and welcome. UMA members are diverse in the size of their business, in the focus of their business, and come from every corner of the United States and Canada. We welcome members from all different ethnicities, religions, political views, backgrounds, and identification, just as our drivers, mechanics, and customers comprise the entire spectrum of North America.

When UMA gathers for the UMA Motorcoach EXPO in Orlando, it is the members of the UMA family who are reconnecting and meeting as friends under that spirit of Inclusion. That unique culture and feeling is why “UMA Works” for you.