Alexandria, VA – The United Motorcoach Association supports Member companies that provide individual and group transportation of passengers via buses and motorcoaches.  Like the varied customers they serve, our Member companies come from a multitude of backgrounds and have diverse workforces, all of which contribute to building a safe and vibrant industry.  Motorcoach drivers are exceptional professionals whose workplace is on the nation’s highways, holding distinct licenses denoting their specialized training and expertise in operating large, technically advanced equipment in a safe and efficient manner.

The bus and motorcoach industry has a strong relationship with the law enforcement community at all levels, and we applaud the efforts of law enforcement to keep our nation’s highways, passengers, and drivers safe.  Prejudice and racism, in any form, have no place in our industry and society and should never be tolerated in routine interventions such as traffic stops, equipment inspections, roadside assistance, or rest breaks.  It is important for our professional drivers and law enforcement to engage in a manner respectful of each other, our passengers, the law, safe operations, and an industry essential to the transportation fabric of our nation.