U.S. Rep. Scott Perry introduces landmark bill, Buses United for Safety, Regulatory Reform, and Enhanced Growth for the 21st Century Act (HR 5462), known as BUSREGS, to reform runaway legislation and create economic opportunities for passenger carriers.

Washington, DC – Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) introduced legislation on Dec. 18, 2019, that, when passed, will stem the flow of burdensome regulations and create economic opportunities for private sector passenger carriers.

“The nation’s private sector bus and motorcoach operations have a remarkable safety record,” Rep. Perry said in announcing the new measure. “This legislation allows them to get back to what they do best absent the threat of an endless stream of costly and burdensome regulations.”

The comprehensive bill addresses a myriad of reforms, from amending the mission statement of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, to insurance requirement reforms, to fair treatment when assessing corrective actions.

The bill also provides direction for public transit recipients to encourage use of private sector passenger carriers.

“A similar bill in the last Congress served as a blueprint for the new Administration,” said president & CEO Stacy Tetschner. “The introduction of this bill is an important step toward getting bus and motorcoach companies back to serving the public safely and efficiently, growing their fleets and expanding job opportunities.

The motorcoach tour and travel industry contributes nearly $112.7 billion in total economic activity and has one of the strongest safety records among all modes of transportation.

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