UMA is at work for you

Dear UMA Member,

We have already talked with many of you and realize the enormous impact the COVID-19 crisis is having on your business. To recap, the following actions are underway:

1—Contacting Congress and the many federal agencies (SBA, FMCSA, TSA, CDC, FTA) that impact your business, and seeking immediate financial relief.

2—Deferring our Industry Legislative Fly-in until September 22-23, both to free you up to lead your company through the crisis, save your travel expense, and ensure Congress will be in session.

3—Changing our email communications to be shorter, more frequent and specific to the latest news and ideas to help you through the crisis.

4—Creating an online Coronavirus Resource Page that is updated as new information for operators develops. Consult it frequently.

5—Conducting a Town Hall next Thursday March 19th at 2 p.m. ET on the topic: Leading your Company through the Crisis. Details on how to join the meeting.

6—Conducting a short survey to clarify areas where we can provide the most support, and collect ideas that can help other Members.  Please click on this link to take a 3 minute survey: SURVEY LINK


Jeff Polzien
United Motorcoach Association