(March 17, 2020 | Washington, DC) The United Motorcoach Association is calling on the United States Congress and the Trump Administration to take immediate action through a combination of loans and grants to alleviate unprecedented financial and economic pressure on private bus operators amid the current travel shutdown.

The motorcoach industry is comprised of some 3,000 private sector passenger transportation companies that need immediate relief for more than 113,000 skilled employees who are out of work. This vital industry, a critical part of America’s transportation infrastructure, has been shut down with revenue lost and 91% of vehicles idled, according to an industry survey conducted March 16-17. These primarily small businesses are currently without income. Vehicle and insurance payments are due and requests for refunds are piling up. The situation for these companies and this industry is dire.

Larry Killingsworth, UMA President & CEO, described the current plight of motorcoach operators and the need for immediate federal action:

“We are seeking immediate action on a package of grants and loans for short- and long-term relief.”

“In times of crisis, bus and motorcoach operators are typically in the heroic position of rolling in to evacuate Americans from natural disasters. They are not accustomed to needing rescue themselves. Today we are calling on our federal government for help.

“Our Members are resilient, having faced the effects of terrorist attacks, recessions, and flu outbreaks. We are calling on the United States Congress and the White House to provide immediate financial assistance until travel resumes.”